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Two Hours

Album • Released Jul 7, 2023



Two Hours is a story about reconnection and healing. I went inward and got to know parts of myself that I felt like I had never met. It was a two year endeavor and along the way it grew into such a collaborative project with some of my favorite people and influences. I am so happy it's out there, and I hope it connect with you.
  1. 01No Trust3:49
  2. 02Woodcrest4:51
  3. 03Spill3:23
  4. 04Same Same3:04
  5. 05Under the Scope2:44
  6. 06Tree3:13
  7. 071405:01
  8. 08Take Me3:20
  9. 09Apology2:28
  10. 10Better3:28
  11. 11Blindspot (feat. døves)4:50
  12. 12Angkot3:38
12 songs, 43 minutes