Divorce Court
Divorce Court Live at Treefort Music Fest (03/21/2024)
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Divorce Court Live at Treefort Music Fest (03/21/2024)


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Here's a late night set I played at Treefort Music Fest in Boise, Idaho on 3/21/24. I've been working on a modified live set using Ableton Live + Push 3 as the brain with unlimited flexibility in 8 bar increments where everything can be remixed on the fly or extended and shortened based on how the set is going. In my old live set things felt very limited and linear, or super early on we were just using a 404 to play back the tracks and sing/play parts over top.. This way of playing lends a nice fluidity and freedom to keep things live feeling without having to play every part, etc. It's definitely not perfect, and there are some funny mishaps, especially vocally, but it's getting there. I also approached this one like a DJ set in a way using different samples from all over the place like sample packs, Splice, friends sounds. It's really fun to translate some of these tracks for live and have no rules in doing so.
Without the time or budget to have a full band ( we tried last year and it was cool as well)... this feels like the best way of doing it right now. It's definitely not perfect, but I hope you dig it! Let me know if you have questions.
00:00 Better (Intro Version)
03:16 Spill
06:20 Indonesia (Remix)
10:03 No Trust
13:45 Doubt (Remix) *Kind of fucked up on the intro vocals, lol*
16:19 Sea of White (Interlude Remix)
18:30 Brenna (jives Remix) *missed the drop here haaaa*
22:24 Same Same
24:46 Apology
27:16 Under the Scope
30:50 Blindspot (Keith Sweaty Remix)
35:15 140 (Inner Nature Remix)
39:17 Small Voices (Nongo Remix)
41:50 Trace (Unreleased) *Intro vocal is a good example of what happens when you accidentally set the vocal tuner to the actual wrong key haha*
45:19 Outsider (Fake Blonde Remix)
49:09 Talking to the few people left in the crowd (it's 1:40 AM) about how I don't have any more music to play
Hope you enjoyed parts of this, thanks for watching!